Post by: / September 23, 2016

Teeth Removal Mississauga Ontario Canada

It is the job of every dentist to save as many teeth as possible, no matter what. This includes making sure proper hygiene is practiced at home thanks to offering the right knowledge, and regular cleanings and dental care, usually at least twice a year. Unfortunately, this isn’t a perfect world in any way – especially in the dental world. Sometimes, things happen that we can’t control, and other times, we just haven’t been given the proper dental knowledge throughout our lives to have a healthy mouth.

 These issues, unfortunately, can sometimes lead to a necessary tooth extraction.

 When there has been trauma to the tooth (thanks to some kind of accident, etc.), or there is extreme decay, a tooth will usually need to be extracted for the overall health of the mouth. Most dentists will try to repair a tooth in any way they can, but sometimes, extraction is the only option, and it’s more common today than most people might think. In fact, surgical tooth extraction is currently the most common procedure throughout the entire United States, so you’re certainly not alone if you need to get a tooth removed!

There can sometimes be a ‘stereotype’ that goes along with getting a tooth extracted, especially due to decay, but the most important thing is taking care of your teeth to the best of your abilities. Extraction is no longer a ‘faux pax’ in the world of dentistry – clearly, it’s more common than most people think, so there’s no reason to suffer in any kind of discomfort, or have any sort of fear about getting your tooth/teeth removed. If you know there is any kind of damage to your teeth, it’s important to see your dentist immediately. They’ll do everything they can to make sure your mouth stays healthy, even if extraction is the best option.

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