Teeth Whitening

Tooth whitening can be fast, convenient, and comfortable.

Most of us take the shade of our teeth for granted. Over the years our teeth accumulate stains from the foods we eat, beverages we drink, and habits we adopt such as smoking or tobacco chewing. At Mistry Dental we want to help our patients rediscover their natural and youthful smiles, and now it is easier than ever before with the Newest ZOOM! White Speed technology.

ZOOM! White Speed technology

ZOOM! is the number one most requested in-office whitening system, and now the treatment is even faster without the prolonged sensitivity associated with other whitening agents.whitespeed-sub-I2 You can improve the shade of your teeth as much as eight shades in the comfort and convenience of our office. Imagine, in approximately 1 hour you can have a brighter whiter smile! ZOOM! White Speed is ideal for patients that wish to have immediate results for an important event, such as a wedding, graduation, job interview, or family reunion.

The treatment begins by applying protective barriers to the soft tissues ( gums) of your mouth so the whitening gel only contacts tooth enamel. The gel’s active ingredient is hydrogen peroxide which is activated by an LED light, releasing bubbles of oxygen that penetrate the microscopic tubules of your teeth and remove internal stains. Each session is 15 minutes, and three sessions are recommended for best results. We provide patients with a touch-up whitening kit with customized trays and a sensitivity relief gel for post-treatment care.