A crown is like a cap placed on an individual tooth when there is insufficient tooth structure to support a filling or when a tooth has been treated with a root canal.

If you want to restore the shape and size of your tooth you will have to get a tooth-shaped “cap” placed over it. This tooth-shaped cap is referred to as a dental crown. There are a number of reasons which require Dental Crowns to make you feel comfortable and to keep your smile a flawless one. Our Crowns for Teeth serve to bring the original appearance of your teeth back.

You may require a Dental Crown for…

• For holding together parts of cracked tooth or for the protection of a weak tooth from decay etc.
• For the restoration of a severely worn out tooth or a tooth that has already been broken.
• For covering and supporting a tooth when there is too less of the tooth left.
• For holding in place a dental bridge.
• For casing severely discolored or miss happened teeth.
• For dental implant covering.
• For making a cosmetic modification

We offer different types of crowns which include crowns made up of stainless steel, all resin, all ceramic and all metal like gold or different alloys.

Our team of dental experts makes use of the latest technology and methods to deal with issues requiring tooth crowns. We believe in hygiene and provide you with hygienic treatments in a peaceful atmosphere.

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