Emergency Care

Trauma and Dental Injury

Oral trauma can happen at any time, whether you are at work, playing sports, traveling in your car, or simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. At Mistry Dental, we accept walk-in emergencies involving dento-alveolar injuries and soft tissue damage. Our team has extensive experience treating chipped, displaced, or avulsed (knocked out) teeth. We can also deliver sutures to intra- or extra-oral soft tissue lesions, check for bony fractures and other sources of infection, and splint your teeth together to ensure they are protected and properly functioning while the body heals and restores your natural smile.

If you find yourself debating between visiting a hospital emergency room or our office for a dental emergency, consider this: most paramedics are not trained on how to treat teeth, and you are likely to spend hours waiting in the ER just to be referred to a local dentist or oral surgeon. Contact our office as soon as possible for oral trauma cases, or leave a message at our emergency number if you are calling after hours, and one of our doctors will be happy to look after you.

Here are some useful things to know in case of dental emergencies:

  • What do you do if your tooth is knocked out?
    • Rinse the tooth gently with water if there is any visible dirt, and then put the tooth back into its socket in the mouth as soon as possible.
    • Do NOT scrape any tissues off the tooth because these cells are required to re-establish a healthy attachment to bone.
  • If the tooth cannot be re-implanted in the mouth for whatever reason, what is the best way to store the tooth?
    • Under the tongue, or in a cup of the patient’s saliva.
    • Milk or “Hank’s Solution”.
    • Do NOT store the tooth in water because this will disrupt the balance of electrolytes and kill the cells that are needed to anchor the tooth to bone.
  • What if my child’s baby tooth was knocked out?
    • Do NOT attempt to re-implant a baby tooth in the socket because this could damage the developing permanent teeth.
  • How long can a tooth survive outside the mouth?
    • It is best to re-implant the tooth within 30 minutes. Chances of a successful re-implantation go down significantly after 1 hour.
  • Does my child need a mouth guard for playing his/her sport?

Severe Dental Pain or Facial Swelling

Any kind of facial swelling is considered a medical emergency and must be examined as soon as possible by a medical professional. Severe dental pain can be seen as a walk-in emergency by a dental professional. At Mistry Dental we understand that emergencies occur when least expected; if you are experiencing facial pain or swelling after business hours, please leave a message on our emergency line at (905) 593-3301 and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.