Fillings or Restorations

Do I need Fillings or Restorations?

A filling is a procedure to correct and repair tooth decay, minor chips or fractures and similar damages to the surfaces of your teeth. Fillings can be either white (made of composite resin) or silver (made of silver amalgam). Both are excellent choices of materials and each one has it’s own pros and cons.

Dental fillings are a common reason to visit the dentist

Dental fillings are one of the common reasons why people visit their dental care clinic. This is a procedure to treat cavity. Dr. Mistry Dental clinic, the doctors and staff are highly trained and experienced and they deal with all dental issues especially fillings with utmost care so that you don’t face the most common dental issues again. Our professional staff provides excellent dental fillings services in Mississauga. You can get your cracked broken or worn out tooth repaired by affordable dental fillings.

We detect the problem thoroughly by several methods such as observation, cavity-detecting dye, X-rays and Laser fluorescence cavity detection acids. Decay is not the only reason that you may need a dental filling. There are other reasons too like:

  • Broken or a cracked teeth
  • Worn out teeth

A very common reason why teeth wear out

A very common reason why teeth wear out is that we make unusual use of them like biting nails, tooth-grinding and opening things. Whatever the problem may be, dental clinic Mississauga is the one and only solution for all. We offer the finest dental services with affordable dental restorations so you can be confident about your smile. Our treatments are long-lasting and we are reputed for all our dental services because we strive to satisfy you in every way.

When looking for affordable dental fillings you will find none other than us who are well known for matchless dental services in really feasible rates.