Post by: / May 30, 2014

Pregnancy and your Oral Health

So you’re a mom-to-be? Yes? Congratulations!

You have made a check list of do’s and don’ts during pregnancy. Check your list once again. You may have missed one very important thing – health of your teeth and mouth. While you’re pregnant you take care of everything, you know each of your act would impact the child you are safely carrying in your womb. Why not to think about the heath of your teeth and mouth because it is as important as other things and may impact on the health of your little baby.

As soon as you hear about the good news, along with other important things, you should schedule an appointment with the dentist. Unluckily, pregnancy cause hormonal changes that increase the risk of dental problems for you. Talking to the dentist about dental health is important to know whether you have any dental problems. In time identification and cure of any dental issues can save you and your child from future problems.

We take many things easy in our normal routine life. But during pregnancy there’s nothing to take easy because you’re not alone. According to fact and figures, about 40% of  pregnant women encounter gum disease or tooth problems. If you don’t visit dentist, and leave problems untreated then be ready to pay the cost. During pregnancy, untreated oral infections cause trouble to yours and your baby’s overall health. Sometimes it leads to premature birth and low birth weight, or your child may have serious oral health problem later in life.

Your mouth matters more than you think. There’s a connection between yours and your child’s teeth. You know what’s that connection? Let us tell you … it’s bacteria that your child can take over from you even before birth. You would never want to be the reason of your kid’s teeth problems. During pregnancy you need to be extra active and cautious about your oral health. If you are going to be mom soon then don’t waste time, go and set an appointment with your dentist Now!

Written by: U. Shahid