Post by: / February 23, 2018

Why Fluoride is good for your teeth

The debate around whether Fluoride is good for you or not has been raging for years. The mineral is naturally found almost everywhere in nature. There are some water supplies and food that naturally have fluoride. Since the 1930’s people have been drinking fluoride enriched water and researchhas found people who consumed more fluoride, whether from water supplies or food, experience far less dental cavities. Since then, the World Health Organization (WHO) and the American Dental Association have sanctioned the use of fluoride in water due to its effectiveness in preventing tooth decay.

Here are five reasons to continue using fluoride.

#1 Prevents tooth decay

Fluoride has been used in toothpaste and household water supplies for generations. It has been shown to be an effective method to prevent tooth decay, especially in children. Dental-related ailments and issues have shown to cost companies up to 164 million lost hours and 51 million hours in schools. The fluoridation of drinking water has been extremely effective and is considered one of the best achievement in public health in the 20th century.

#2 It benefits all ages

The studies and research conducted since 1930 have shown that drinking water containing fluoride have successfully reduced tooth decay in children and adults by 25%. These days there are more and more products available containing fluorides, such as toothpaste and mouthwash.

#3 Safe to use and fully endorsed

Research and global studies have clearly shown that fluoride is safe to use and effective in fighting tooth decay. The process of fluoridization of what and consumer products have been endorsed by various health organizations and the WHO. The organizations and institutions that acknowledge and recognize the health benefits of fluoride are the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, American Medical Association and American Academy of Pediatrics.

#4 Alleviates medical costs

The medical costs associated with dental health issues and ailments are astronomical. Using fluoride to reduce tooth decay from childhood and all the way through to adulthood will drastically reduce the costs of going to visit the family dentist. Also, it will reduce the frequency of dental check-ups and procedures.

#5 An all natural supplement

Fluoride is an element that is naturally found in the oceans and groundwater. The fluoridization process of drinking water involves manually adding fluoride to the recommended level to ensure it the water and products are safe to consume. It is very similar to the process of fortifying other foods with supplements such as Vitamin D, calcium and iodine.

There are many naysayers that still say fluoride has not health benefits even though studies show the contrary. The fluoridization of drinking water and other consumer products is a safe procedure that helps fight one of the biggest childhood diseases, which is tooth decay. Preventing early childhood tooth decay will result in preventing numerous other dental and orthodontic illness and issues. There are over seventy years of research and studies proving that fluoride is good for your teeth and overall dental health.