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Cosmetic Dentistry Mississauga

So you’ve cleaned your teeth, been to the regular dentist and have no problems, but you want a better smile, or your bite, or something in your mouth that is beyond the scope of your regular checkups. This is where cosmetic dentistry comes into play. Work can be done to fix small issues as well as larger on from whitening, to chipped or missing teeth, worn teeth, and straightening. These can improve your smile cosmetically as well as potentially functionally as it relates to how your bite works.

Cosmetic services generally offered at our Mississauga Dentistry

There are multiple services that are offered with cosmetic dentistry. These are just a few.

Whitening: A service that uses a chemical process and sometimes light in order to make teeth brighter and whiter than they were. If you are a coffee drinker, smoker, wine drinker, etc. Or even with age, your teeth may have yellowed or become stained. This can be a treatment that is done in office, or they even have ones that they make and you take home. Convenient isn’t it?

Bonding: If you have chips in your teeth or gaps that aren’t significant enough to use braces with, you can get bonding dentistry done This is made from composite that is tooth colored and fills in the gaps in between, while still looking natural. It is easier to stain however so that is something you’ll want to prevent, but it can give you the gapless smile that you are looking for.

Veneers: These are made from porcelain or plastic and go over the front teeth in order to make them appear straighter, whiter, and whole, especially if you have a chipped tooth. These are similar to bonding but these are actually pieces and not a composite but they are used for the same affect. They do however last longer than bonding as these are cemented directly on the teeth that you already have.

Contouring/Reshaping: This is a dentistry procedure that is done on patients with healthy teeth who don’t need too much work done but a little will suffice. This is where they can reshape your teeth to fix an overlap or a chip, especially if there is enough room in the tooth to do so. This would be ideal say if you have longer front teeth and want them brought down a bit to match the rest of your mouth, this would help out and be perfect for that. This is perfect for subtle changes, not a whole mouth change.

Basically, cosmetic dentistry is just like plastic surgery, but for your teeth. It’s all about making changes to your smile in order to improve how you feel about it and your confidence and also just how maybe your mouth works. It can be beneficial to get changes that help your bit and how your mouth sits mainly for comfort but also for eating and such. When you choose a cosmetic dentist make sure however that you do your homework and choose a well educated one that you can get references for and see what their work looked like and how well it held up to the test of life. Your smile is something you don’t want to ruin by choosing the wrong one, but when you have the right one, the results can be life changing.