When do you need Tooth Extraction?

In modern dentistry our aim is to protect and preserve natural teeth lifelong (ideally). This is the reason why we always remind our friends about cleaning and protecting their teeth. We always advocate and advice to brush, floss and regular dental checkups and examinations to avoid the dental problems. But still, there are several reasons… View Article

5 Tooth-Friendly Foods

Are you worried that absolutely everything that passes your lips is only going to create dental problems for you? Fear not, friend! Yes, sugar causes cavities, hard foods can damage your teeth, and citrus is guilty of softening enamel. There’s good news, though, there are plenty of goods that are good for your teeth! Raisins… View Article

Prevent your teeth from Diseases

Being dentists and having years of experience, we know that most of the dental diseases are preventable just by taking a bit of extra care towards the cleanliness of your teeth. Those who don’t care about their oral hygiene, don’t brush, floss and visit their dentist regularly suffer from different dental diseases. As a matter… View Article

Comparison of a Dental Implant with Root Canal

When you need a root canal, you actually have a couple of options: you could get a dental implant or you could have a root canal. Each of these options has their own pros and cons that you need to think about before you make such an important decision. Your dentist will have specific recommendations,… View Article

Why Dental Checkups are Essential

Many people are scared to go to the dentist for many reasons. Some people just simply do not like people in or near their mouth. Some people simply have a fear of dentists in general. However, getting your annual checkup is essential for your teeth. Reason number one to go to the dentist regularly is… View Article

5 Ways to Have a Better Smile

5 Ways to Have a Better Smile
A lot of people are unhappy and embarrassed about their smiles because of ongoing problems with their teeth. Here are some dental procedures to consider for improving your smile if brushing and flossing are not enough. Crowns Dental crowns are caps placed over the tooth to restore the shape and size, add strength and improve… View Article

Save Your Tooth with a Root Canal

Once you get your permanent teeth in, these are it. That is why it is absolutely necessary for you to keep your teeth clean and healthy through regular brushing and visits to the dentist. In a perfect world, everyone does that. However, the world we live in is not perfect and neither are we. Sometimes… View Article


Some parents don’t really pay heed to their children’s dental & oral health as much as they do to their other health related issues. But it’s extremely important that your kids’ dental health is taken as seriously as you do for their other health related things. Some specialists suggest that the child should be taken… View Article

Your Amazing Tongue

The tongue is a vital part of the human body, it helps us speak, taste and function. Without it we do find those key things nearly impossible. In the past people took things to a whole new level and began getting their tongues pierced. It is important to keep the tongue clean so it is… View Article

Why Fluoride is good for your teeth

The debate around whether Fluoride is good for you or not has been raging for years. The mineral is naturally found almost everywhere in nature. There are some water supplies and food that naturally have fluoride. Since the 1930’s people have been drinking fluoride enriched water and researchhas found people who consumed more fluoride, whether… View Article