5 Most Widespread Dental Diseases and Problems

Untreated dental problems can have a significant effect on your overall general health. The state of your oral health is an important indicator of the state of the rest of your body. There is a strong correlation between poor oral health and chronic diseases such as heart disease, HIV/AIDS, and diabetes. In order to avoid… View Article

2018: Dental Health Resolutions

2018 brings many great things. We’re looking forward to our patients making resolutions that will help promote better dental health. After all, your overall dental health is also an important part of your general wellbeing. These resolutions can range from committing to your routine check- up and cleaning or making every effort to complete your… View Article

What Is an Abscess

If you are suffering from an accumulation of pus formed inside your teeth or gums, then that is what we call a dental abscess. It can also form inside the bone that keeps the teeth in place. Commonly it is caused by a bacterial infection. If the patient has an abscess at the end of… View Article

Comparison of Dental Implant with Root Canal

When you need a root canal, you actually have a couple of options: you could get a dental implant or you could have a root canal. Each of these options has their own pros and cons that you need to think about before you make such an important decision. Your dentist will have specific recommendations,… View Article

Cavities and Tooth Decay

Cavities are also referred to as caries or tooth decay which are actually the holes formed in the teeth due to improper caring. According to the National Institute of Health disorder in the USA, cavities are considered to be the second most common health disorder. It is also a very common disorder across the globe…. View Article

So Can Gum Disease Be Reversed?

The question of whether gum disease is reversible is a tough one. Following the advice above, it is certainly possible to fully clean and disinfect the gums to encourage gum regrowth and hopefully put a stop to the bacteria before it begins to eat away at the actual teeth. If gingivitis is allowed to progress… View Article

Smiling and Happiness

We all know someone, that one friend, who always covers their mouth when the smile. Maybe they force themself to smile or laugh with their mouth closed. It’s very obvious to us that is what they are doing, even if they know it. Sometimes, they have been doing it for so long, they may not… View Article

How to Choose the Best Dental Office for Dental Treatment Services

If you have moved to Mississauga, you may not have yet decided on which dental office to use close to your home. It is important that you don’t wait until you or your family has a dental emergency but rather register with a dental practice like Mistry Dental in Mississauga. How do you go about… View Article

Porcelain Veneers – A Transformation You Can Smile About

Oftentimes, people consider porcelain veneers to be a sort of ‘total smile makeover.’ While there are plenty of different ways to fix the overall appearance of your teeth, from braces, to implants, dentures, and more, veneers are a quick and simple way to beautify your smile with very little effort involved. They are one of… View Article

Save Your Tooth with a Root Canal

Once you get your permanent teeth in, these are it. That is why it is absolutely necessary for you to keep your teeth clean and healthy through regular brushing and visits to the dentist. In a perfect world, everyone does that. However, the world we live in is not perfect and neither are we. Sometimes… View Article