Prevent your teeth from Diseases

Dental Cleaning
Being dentists and having years of experience, we know that most of the dental diseases are preventable just by taking a bit of extra care towards the cleanliness of your teeth. Those who don’t care about their oral hygiene, don’t brush, floss and visit their dentist regularly suffer from different dental diseases. As a matter… View Article

Common Dental Emergencies and First Aid

Dental Emergency
We would like to start this article with a note that if you have a dental emergency please call our office immediately. Dental emergencies are nothing to joke about, they can be very painful and do you know what to do in case of a dental emergency? Most people start to freak out and do… View Article


You can add the following dental health tips to your back to school checklist….. Start the school year right by arranging for your child’s dental visit – routine cleanings and check ups are important. Schedule today… Remember to brush and floss as recommended by the Mistry Dental Team…. Pick healthy snacks and alternatives ie apples,… View Article


Some parents don’t really pay heed to their children’s dental & oral health as much as they do to their other health related issues. But it’s extremely important that your kids’ dental health is taken as seriously as you do for their other health related things. Some specialists suggest that the child should be taken… View Article

Why Get A Dental Cleaning? Mississauga Dentist

Dental Cleaning
Dental Cleanings not only help to keep your gums healthy, but also help your arteries and internal organs stay healthy. You may not know it, but you make about 5 milliliters (ml) of saliva (spit) every 30 seconds. Once this 5ml collects under your tongue and behind your front teeth, you swallow this saliva. This… View Article

How to cure bad breath

We come across many people every day and you surely must have met someone who has a problem of bad breath. It happens; no matter if you are young or old or a boy or girl. The question is how to deal with bad breath? A person suffering from bad breath even knows that his… View Article

So Can Gum Disease Be Reversed?

So Can Gum Disease Be Reversed
The question of whether gum disease is reversible is a tough one. Following the advice above, it is certainly possible to fully clean and disinfect the gums to encourage gum regrowth and hopefully put a stop to the bacteria before it begins to eat away at the actual teeth. If gingivitis is allowed to progress… View Article

A Guide to Flossing Your Teeth

Tooth brushing is not enough if you want to maintain good oral hygiene over a long period of time It’s vital that part of your daily routine involves flossing. Yes, cleaning between your teeth is just as important to your oral health as thoroughly brushing the surfaces of your teeth. Just think about it this… View Article

5 Tips for Choosing the Right Dentist

Having a personal dentist like Dr. Mistry is as important as having a personal doctor. If we want to keep our mouth healthy we need to check our mouth at least twice a year, this way we can detect what’s wrong way before it becomes something of concern, an unnoticed crack in your teeth that… View Article

What Qualifies As Dental Emergency?

Dental Emergencies
A dental emergency is just like any other medical emergency. Our Mississauga dentistry is here to help with pain or discomfort, it is important to pay attention to the issue. While something as simple as a toothache may seem like a major issue, it can be the sign of something more pressing. Leaving dental problems… View Article