Post by: / May 9, 2013

Why switch to digital?

Lots of reasons! Digital X-rays offer a number of advantages to patients:

  • They’re safer, greener, and faster.
  • Our office decided to make the switch from old-fashioned Xrays, which use film and developer that are bad for the environment, to digital X-rays for all these reasons and more.
  • Digital X-rays are safer for patients because radiation exposure is reduced by as much as 90 percent. Traditional X-rays are considered safe, but for certain patients, the reduction in radiation is very attractive.
  • Because the X-rays don’t have to be developed, we can look at the images almost immediately. This speeds up the process and gets you out of the chair and back to your active life sooner.
  • The images created by our digital machine are better quality, and they are immediately available on a computer screen, where the dentist can control the brightness, color, and size of the visual.
  • The overall result is a sharper picture that provides us with more detailed information.

We’re excited to offer this amazing technology to our patients. We hope that when you visit, you will appreciate the advantages of our digital X-ray equipment, too.