Post by: / February 17, 2017

Simple Things your gums are trying to tell you

Dental health is not limited to teeth, there’s much more to care about. Taking care of your gums is the most integral part of your dental well being. If your gums are not in a good order and do not look neat and clean then it’s really alarming. Just as the other parts of your body, gums also show off and try to tell you that there is something wrong going on with them. In case you notice any of the signs mentioned below, make sure to visit your dentist soon.

Swelling, puffiness or redness: These problems are usually because of inflammation or possibly be an early sign of any gum disease – gingivitis. These signs can also be caused by some bacterial or viral infection or by hormonal changes.

Receding gum line: Gum recession can happen due to many reasons such as brushing your teeth too hard, hormonal changes, clenching your teeth etc. However the most common reason of receding gums is gum disease in which gum tissue wears away, revealing even the root sometimes.

Bleeding: We can’t think of bleeding gums as normal. It is a clear sign of gum disease. Sometimes gums bleed by brushing too hard or if you just started flossing but in such cases bleeding shouldn’t last longer than a week.

Usually gum issues are a sign of gum disease. If you are facing any of the problems stated above then you should immediately see your dentist so the cause can be identified and treated before getting worst.