Post by: / November 11, 2016

Smoking and your oral health

The repercussions of smoking  can no longer be underestimated. Statistics show that that tobacco can cause heart disease and a variety of cancers. What you may not know is that tobacco is a major cause of tooth loss in adults.

The smoke inhaled while smoking is dangerous we all know that, but it’s lethal when it reaches our vital organs, like the kidney where it creates loopholes in the body systems for attacks by  dangerous and opportunistic diseases like cancer. Further effects of smoking have noted in the realm of oral hygiene. This includes dental hygiene.

When it comes to dental hygiene, smoking has been established to propagate contraction of gum disease. It has been proven that tobacco tends to lessen the amount of blood flow to the gums thus reducing gums supply of oxygen and other nutrients that are necessary for them to remain strong and healthy. This  leads to exposure and vulnerability of the gums to diseases.

Oral cancers are some other potential results of smoking cigarettes. Some of the oral cancers that a person can develop as a result of smoking include, mouth cancer, throat cancer, gum cancer etc. In particular for opens mouth, smoking abuses your gums in two different ways. First, you are more likely to produce bacterial plaque, which put your gums into steady attack. Second, smokers have lower oxygen in their body which slows healing.

Other potential hindrances to people’s hygiene that develop out of smoking are: prolonged bad breath, loss of color of teeth, shifting of teeth, dental cavities, burnt-like lips and many others!

It is clear that smoking is causes more harm than good to a person’s  health. Smoking is hard to quite, try reducing the amount you smoke and go regular checkups to your dentist and cleanings are a must. Call Dr. Mistry’s Dental Office at (905) 890-0200 if you smoke and you have questions about your Oral Health .