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A New Year’s You: Dental Health Resolutions

The New Year brings forth many resolutions so why not create a “Dental Health Resolution”. After all, your overall dental health is also an important part of your general wellbeing. These resolutions can range from daily flossing to improving your smile for 2017 by completing your dental treatment plan. Here are some sample dental resolutions – remember small steps make the goals more attainable.

Resolution #1- Healthier Food Choices

Making healthier food and beverage choices is so important. The disease –causing bacteria in your mouth thrive off of the sugar you consume and can create cavities (tooth decay). Brushing and flossing help to prevent this from occurring. Using a Xylitol containing gum or lozenge after a meal also helps to neutralize acids and reduce cavities. If you are having a soft drink (soda), use a straw so that you are not coating your teeth as much. Water is always a better alternative. At the end of the day, make healthier choices.

Resolution #2 – Toothbrushing and Flossing Habits

Daily brushing and flossing is a simple way to improve your oral health. It is important to brush at least 3 times per day using a manual or electric tooth brush. Flossing should be completed at least once per day to remove bacterial plaque and food that gets trapped between the teeth and below the gum line. This will also assist in preventing gingivitis, tooth decay and halitosis (bad breathe). Remember to replace your manual toothbrush every 3 months, or if you are recovering from a cold and/or the bristles are frayed. Anti-microbial rinses

( Oravital) are also good (alcohol free) to assist in improving your oral health.

Resolution #3 – Schedule and Maintain your Dental Maintenance

Routine dental cleaning and checkups are paramount in maintaining and monitoring the overall health of your mouth. Early detection is a means of preventing potential dental problems ie chronic gum disease or cavities. Dental hygiene appointments are more than just a “cleaning”. Harmful bacteria is removed by the Dental Hygienist and is prevented from traveling to your body. Your Hygienist can also alert you of any underlying issues. Remember, your mouth is the window to the body.

Make sure you schedule and keep your dental appointment.

Resolution #4 – Improving Your Smile

Want a brighter smile? Why not reserve an in office whitening appointment. Zoom is the revolutionary 1 visit whitening system. You can transform your smile with the Zoom whitening system. Call today to schedule your Zoom appointment…

Resolution #5 – Straighter Teeth

Are you happy with the alignment of your teeth? Why not fulfill your New Years resolution by proceeding with either braces or Invisalign. You can enhance your smile and correct your bite by either technique.

Resolution #6 – Restorative Dentistry

This year may be the time to proceed with that outstanding treatment plan that you have put off.. Whether it be dental crowns, implants – or just basic restorations- schedule and get back on track with achieving your dental goals. Maintaining your dental health and function are sooo important.


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