Post by: / May 18, 2018

When do you need Tooth Extraction?

In modern dentistry our aim is to protect and preserve natural teeth lifelong (ideally). This is the reason why we always remind our friends about cleaning and protecting their teeth. We always advocate and advice to brush, floss and regular dental checkups and examinations to avoid the dental problems. But still, there are several reasons for which teeth may need to be extracted (removal of teeth).

Trauma is one of the reasons for tooth extraction. It normally happens with people involved in sports. E.g. A sudden forceful blow to the mouth during sports might cause a tooth loss, crack or chip. It’s not necessary that dentist would always remove cracked tooth. Sometime – depending on condition – your dentist would not like to extract the tooth and save it through placing a crown, a root canal, or both. But if the damage is severe and sustainable, protecting your natural teeth through any crown or root canal is not possible, in severe cases dentists go for tooth extraction. Other than injuries, disease or decay may also leads to tooth removal. In these situations, it is suggested and preferable to substitute the natural tooth with a long-lasting, natural-looking tooth implant.

There are other reasons for tooth extraction as well. Orthodontic treatment sometimes requires removal of one or more teeth to improve the condition known as crowding: It’s the condition when jaws don’t have sufficient space to have room for all the teeth. In a nut shell when decay or disease damages a tooth beyond fixation, and/or the patient does not want or won’t qualify for root canal treatment, removal of the tooth is necessary. It is very important to replace missing teeth with bridges, implants or dentures, so the neighboring teeth don’t shift and affect proper function and aesthetics. To know more about dental health, follow our other blogs. Be happy & keep smiling!