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Some parents don’t really pay heed to their children’s dental & oral health as much as they do to their other health related issues. But it’s extremely important that your kids’ dental health is taken as seriously as you do for their other health related things. Some specialists suggest that the child should be taken to the dentist as soon as their first tooth appears or at least around their first birthday.

Primary or baby teeth are extremely important as they help your child in speaking properly or chew better and suggest how your child’s dental health would shape up in the future. Parents shouldn’t wait for their child to grow any dental problem and only then take them to the doctor’s. A check up after every six months is highly recommended so that your child doesn’t get cavity or develop any dental problems.

One more advantage of taking your young ones to the dentist from an early age is that they get used to going to the dentistry and get used to it. It avoids the tantrums you can expect if you take your kid to the dentist at an age that it becomes harder for him to be comfortable. If you take your kid to the dentist from an early age they become familiar with the process and gets a lot easier for you to convince them for more visits.

Fluorides are extremely important for your child’s teeth and only a good dentist can tell you if the kid is getting enough fluorides for the teeth and could suggest alternative methods in case a deficiency is detected. Tooth decay is one problem that parents often face when it comes down to teeth related health issues. Visiting your dentist regularly can help the dentist specify a specific program for your kid’s brushing, flossing and other treatments, so that the parents can supervise their child and teach them from an early age about how to take care of their dental health.

Getting an occasional dental x-ray done is recommended so that the dentist can find out if there’s a possible decay lurking around. Dentists also carry out a thorough examination of the jaws, bite, gums and oral tissues which is always good for your child to monitor growth and observe any developmental issues and detect if any at an early stage that makes it that more easier for you to cure rather than it’s too late for you and becomes problematic.

Dentists also help cleaning the teeth gently and removing any plaque. Tartar build up or stains are also taken care of by the dentist which is always beneficial for the parents.

All in all, taking your child to the dentist from an early age is highly recommended, at least around the first birthday if not after six months. But always remember that for your child you are the role model as parents as they observe you while you brush your teeth and learn the basics from you. So always make sure that you monitor your kid’s oral health and devise a plan accordingly with the help of your local dentist.

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