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5 Benefits of Having a Family Dentist

Always Have a Place to Turn To

When there are dental emergencies, it can be difficult to find a location able to make a last minute appointment. With a family dentist, you always know where to turn. Emergencies cannot wait for difficult office hours or the next available appointment for new patients. When you have a family dentist, you do not need to worry. With most family dentists, you can get a same day appointment. Whether mom, dad, or the kids are experiencing a problem, a family dentist is there to help.

If you are not experiencing an emergency, but a hectic schedule makes it difficult to schedule ahead, a family dentist is there to work with you. The family dentist can treat all ages and is capable of making appointments that fit your schedule – not the other way around.

Trust Can Build

 With a family dentist, you can get to know your dentist well. The dentist can be known by the entire family, which can make it easier for parents that are concerned about their child’s dentist. By knowing the dentist and developing a relationship, it is much easier to feel comfortable with the different decisions that are made regarding oral health. If there are suggestions along the way, you can feel that they are in your best interest when suggested by a family dentist.

More Likely to Go to the Dentist Regularly

 It is important to see the dentist on a regular basis. Without a family dentist, it can be easy to let appointments slip through the cracks. When you are accustomed to seeing your family dentist, and see the same person over time, you are more likely to remember the need for appointments. The family dentist will likely try to schedule appointments in advanced to bring you back in and keep your oral health the best it can be.

All in One Place

With a family dentist, one day can be dedicated to dental appointments for the entire family. Rather than needing to try and figure out different dentists for each family member, appointments can be made together that allow simplicity in trying to get every family member to their dentist.

Teach Lifelong Habits

With the entire family going to the same family dentist, it is easy to instill good oral hygiene practices. Children can see their parents going to the same place they head to for the dentist, and feel encouraged to follow the same diligent hygiene practices. Family dentists can help to instill good lifelong habits that keep oral hygiene and health at its best.

Being as the family dentist sees the entire family, it becomes easy to identify hereditary issues and monitor these issues. More diligent preventative care can be put into the suggested daily routine. This is important and can end up being missed when not utilizing a family dentist. Separate dentists can easily miss inherited dental problems, such as gum issues or tooth decay. This can be an especially important feature for young children, in order to avoid issues faced by parents.

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