Post by: / September 14, 2017


You can add the following dental health tips to your back to school checklist…..

  1. Start the school year right by arranging for your child’s dental visit – routine cleanings and check ups are important. Schedule today…
  2. Remember to brush and floss as recommended by the Mistry Dental Team….
  3. Pick healthy snacks and alternatives ie apples, grains, milk, cheese, raw veggies………Cut back or eliminate sugary foods and soft drinks. Join our No Cavity Club….
  4. Have a custom sports guard made at Mistry Dental. Studies show that 1 out of 10 children will suffer a dental sports related injury this year. Let us assist you in protecting your child’s smile….
  5. Are you or your child in need of Orthodontic treatment? Ask one of our team members how we can assist…..
  6. Are you ready for that amazing Fall Smile? Why not take advantage of our current Zoom whitening special….schedule today!