Post by: / August 11, 2014


Most of us don’t really understand the significance our newborn’s teeth. Only because a newborn’s teeth fall down and are replaced by new ones, we think that these teeth are not as important. However, just like the permanent teeth of children and adults, baby teeth are as important to infants and children.

The first set of teeth is extremely important especially when it comes to down to your baby to develop certain language skills and for them to be able to deal better with food. That is not it; baby teeth are extremely helpful in making space for your baby’s future permanent teeth. They stay inside your baby’s mouth until there’s enough space for the permanent
teeth to take shape. Baby teeth fall out because their roots dissolve inside the mouth making the tooth fall out. Only after the baby tooth is fallen, permanent tooth usually appears within a few weeks.

It’s not always the case that permanent tooth would appear soon, because sometimes the baby teeth get knocked out or succumb to tooth decay before time. Sometimes the appearance of permanent teeth gets delayed because there’s not enough space for them to appear simply because the teeth at the back get inside the soft space and don’t give permanent teeth enough space to erupt. This gives the permanent teeth an improper position when they appear which in turn makes the space overcrowded and the teeth become out of alignment. This causes difficulty when these teeth need to be cleaned hence gives way to teeth decaying.

A dentist is the best person who can advise you accordingly on how to make sure that these problems do not occur to your baby when they’re developing their permanent teeth. A dentist can have an orthodontic appliance made to keep the space open until the permanent tooth comes in. This will save you time and a fortune that you might end up spending for your baby’s healthy teeth.

A child’s overall health is important but to keep their mouth clean is a priority that every parent must follow. A dentist’s advice can go far in making sure your child spends a healthy childhood with good teeth.