Post by: / January 6, 2017

5 Important Tips for Great Dental Health

Dental health has never been easier, a quick glance in any supermarket reveals aisles featuring various products to ensure your smile is white and bright. There is 16 feet of toothpaste options, and another 8 stuffed with toothbrushes, four feet of tooth floss and mouthwash, and hundreds of variations therein. There are even products boasting their ability to whiten your teeth like professional dental treatments. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the amount of choice, but don’t worry- there are just 5 simple tips to ensure you have great dental health.

Dentist Visits

You should be visiting your dentist at least once a year. The majority of dentists will recommend 6 monthly visits; however, this is not always practical. Provided you make an appointment every year, you’re increasing your chances for great dental health.

Dentists will take x-rays that can detect problems before they become serious. They have tools to prevent and resolve any dental problems you have. Mastics can prevent exposure to decay, and sealants offer additional protection. Dental hygienists’ complete teeth cleanings and treat the teeth with fluoride and work with patients to establish an effective oral hygiene routine.

Regular Brushing

By regular, we mean at least twice a day. Additionally, you must make sure that you are using a fluoride toothpaste and the right toothbrush. You should buy a soft bristled brush, and ensure that the head is not too big for your mouth. If you are finding it difficult to reach certain areas of your teeth, then you may be using a brush that’s too big. You should brush for around 3 to 4 minutes.

Make sure your children get into good habits, start brushing softly as soon as their first tooth appears.

Regular Flossing

You should floss at least once a day. It’s fair to say that is the most overlooked habit in maintaining oral hygiene. If you start flossing and notice bleeding, this is normal if you don’t do it regularly. If it persists, you should make a visit to your dentist as soon as possible- it may be a sign of gum disease. If you have any questions about correct flossing, just ask your hygienist for tips.

A Healthy Diet

Practicing healthy eating habits is an excellent way to combat tooth decay. Sugar, starch, alcohol, and smoking are the enemy of healthy teeth. Sugar sticks to the teeth, allowing bacteria to form and produce lactic acids, leading to tooth decay. Limit your intake of the sweet stuff to keep tooth decay at bay.


Some areas have added fluoride to the water- if you don’t live in one of those areas, it’s vital that your toothpaste contains fluoride. Ideally, your mouthwash should, too.

These tips are the perfect way to ensure you have great dental health- it’s all about building healthy habits and sticking to them. Looking after your teeth and visiting your dentist for routine check-ups are vital parts of the dental health picture.