Digital X-Ray Technology

Did you know that digital x-rays are not only faster and more comfortable for patients, but they are actually safer too? Digital x-rays only deliver one third of the radiation exposure compared to conventional film x-rays, and the results appear instantaneously on our screen. Digital images are processed without toxic chemicals or byproducts, making them a more environmentally friendly alternative as well.

As an important part of the regular dental check-up, x-rays provide valuable information for making accurate diagnoses and appropriate treatment plans. Our digital x-rays can detect areas where your teeth are at risk for developing cavities, and we will teach you how to stop the decay process before it requires treatment. At Mistry Dental we strongly believe in empowering patients to make informed decisions about their oral health. That is why our dentists take full advantage of the digital x-rays by projecting them on 32” HD monitors to show patients specific areas of concern when discussing treatment options.