Periodontal Assessment

The periodontium is a term used to describe the hard and soft tissues supporting the teeth. It includes the periodontal ligament which holds a tooth in its socket, the gingiva (gums) which protects the roots of the teeth, and the bony processes which anchor the teeth in both arches. Gingivitis refers to inflammation causing reversible damage to the periodontium, while periodontitis is an irreversible process characterized by bone loss due to chronic inflammation.

Did you know that gingivitis and periodontitis are oral infections that affect up to 75% of adults and children? These conditions provide an open passageway for oral bacteria to enter the bloodstream and spread through the rest of your body.  Studies show that poor oral health is associated with systemic adverse effects such as an increased risk of cardiovascular disease, a higher likelihood of pre-term, low birth weight babies in pregnant women, and poorly controlled diabetes. Researchers have also established that the back of the throat and tongue serve as a reservoir for bacteria that are linked to pneumonia.

Our team of dental hygienist will make recommendations on home care and mandatory dental hygiene frequencies to assist you in maintain optimal dental health.